Fiscal law firm

The fiscal law firm BUSCAROLI UNGANIA ZAMBELLI was founded in 2001, thanks to the union of Francesca Buscaroli, chartered accountant, and Corso Buscaroli, lawyer, with the chartered accountants Pierluigi Ungania and Fabio Zambelli.
The Firm was created to offer services in administration-accountancy, company, partner, and tax and law matters, in the economic and financial affairs sector, to even include national and international clients of an entrepreneurial nature or part of a no-profit sector, as well as co-operatives and public sectors.
The Firm also has two important professional collaborators in Milan and Rome: the Marco Capellini and Fabrizio Galli de Magistris chartered accountant firm in Milan and the fiscal law firm Annecchino, Sciarretta, Parrotta, in Rome, which both work closely with them.

The firm in Rome has a more legal profile, including activities before the Court of Cassation, State Audit Court and State Council.
In addition, the Firm also has stable professional connections in all the European and major international markets.

News and Events

Chiarimenti sul Decreto Semplificazioni

Chiarimenti sul Decreto Semplificazioni

Circ. 30 dicembre 2014 n. 31/E – Chiarimenti sul Decreto Semplificazioni L’Agenzia delle Entrate ha emesso questa circolare che contiene i chiarimenti sul Decreto Semplificazioni. […]

Novità sui rimborsi IVA

Novità sui rimborsi IVA

Circ. 30 dicembre 2014 n. 32/E e Provv. Dir. Ag. Entrate 30 dicembre 2014 n. 165769 – Novità sui rimborsi IVA Con la circolare in […]

All the services we offer

Business area

Our office gives advices and assistance in company law environment, from the arrangement of the chart of accounts to the development of new entrepreneurial activieties.

Tax law area

Assistance and advices services in tax matters for enterprises or single person, in taxation disputes concerning trial judges or Court of Cassation.

No profit area

We offers advices activities for the foundation of non-commercial corporations, charters formulation, accounting regime choice and area fulfillment evaluation.

Commercial and civil area

Our office gives specialized advices and assistance in the Commercial and Civil area, national and international, and representation in civil and administrative controversies.