The fiscal law firm BUSCAROLI UNGANIA ZAMBELLI was established in 2001, thanks to the union of the considerable expertise of Francesca Buscaroli, chartered accountant, and Corso Buscaroli, lawyer, with Pierluigi Ungania and Fabio Zambelli, chartered accountants.
Based in Bologna, it internationally operates in giving advice and assistance to companies, branches and in the non-profit sector.
You can request their services regarding:

  • professional services
  • additional professional services.

The Firm, working at an international level, operates in Italian and fluent English, French, German and Spanish.

Professional Services

This section lists the Firm’s areas of specialisation.

Business Area.

  • Definition and preparation of the planning of accounts;
  • assistance with the drafting of a civil budget and its annexes and accompanying reports;
  • assistance with the drafting and analysis of extraordinary interim financial statements;
  • assistance with the preparation of consolidated financial statements and related documents;
  • assistance in the creation of accounting systems, management control systems and reporting;
  • assistance in the creation of economic-financial plans, business plans and budgets;
  • auditing and auditing of contracts;
  • advice on company organisation issues, definition of organisation charts;
  • managerial advice for the development of new business activities and restructuring processes of business groups.

Fiscal law area.

  • Provision of all the professional services for fiscal litigation, before a tax commission and the Court of Cassation;
  • provision of global services of general fiscal advice and assistance, in the two different areas of company and individuals;
  • fiscal discipline and planning when establishing a business, company or organisation, in Italy and in a foreign country;
  • analysis of international conventions against double taxation both from the non-resident’s perspective and that of an Italian taxpayer;
  • General fiscal treatment of co-operatives and non-profit bodies;
  • fiscal problems with the property value market and taxation of the financial area;
  • legal representation at the State’s Financial Administration for consultation, adherence to inspection and similar practices;
  • preparation and care of central and regional tax authority questions.

No profit area.

  • Advice on the non-commercial body’s company charter, in order to have a congenial choice for the mission;
  • drafting of statutes and practices related to obtaining of the status requested (recognition, REA position, ONLUS details);
  • choice of accounting system and evaluation of the various requirements of the sector (amateur sport, voluntary, cooperative area).

Civil and commercial law area.

  • Advice and assistance in national and international corporate transactions, corporate restructuring;
  • incorporation of companies, mergers and splitting, acquisitions and corporate resignation, both nationally and internationally;
  • joint ventures abroad and the establishment of foreign enterprises in Italy;
  • preparation of charters and statutes for commercial companies and organisations and cooperatives, formulation of shareholder agreements;
  • advice and assistance in the planning, negotiation, drafting and stipulation of national and international contracts and in the terms of fiscal law in general, with particular reference to:
    • contracts for company share and company transfers;
    • franchise and commercial distribution contracts;
    • contracts for grants and contracts for the assignment of credits;
    • contracts for advertising, promotion and sponsorship;
  • general civil consultancy, both national and international;
  • assistance with National and European Community antitrust procedures, assistance and representation in proceedings before the European Commission;
  • assistance and representation in civil and general administration litigations, including labour laws, definition of court litigation and transactions; as well as in national and international arbitrations, both regulated and free;
  • outsourcing technicalities and assistance

Additional Professional Services

Customers who make use of the Firm’s consultancy services are periodically sent a newsletter with the latest information on tax provisions in Italy and the Community.
The firm can boast of having wide training experience in the matters it deals with, acquired over time in the many roles of public and private instruction covered by its members.
Periodically it organizes, on request, in-depth and specialised seminars for staff evaluation and the provision of ad hoc thematic manuals for the individual context of a company.